1. Thanks so much for your blog. I am originally from Liberia. I live in the ELWA area of Robertsfield Highway before coming to the US. I miss Liberia. I use to walk those beaches along Kendija and Coopers beach. hope you had a good stay in Liberia. Even though we been through war. Liberians always are decent and friendly people. We especially feel that towards America and the American people. There is no place in Africa that certainly feel close and cultural aware of America. There is so much influence of America on Liberia. From the money to the pledge of Allegiance, flag, to the free slaves and most importantly English and civility.
    People ask me all the time, how you adapted to American society so well. I tell well I am from Liberia. If I was from Kenya or Zambia things would have been harder for me. By the way I am 23 years old. I been here for 7 years now. I love to go visit back in the near future.
    I want to know how are things going on. What are the improvements and new developments in the country. What are the prices for things like basic stuff. Daily things we take for granted in America, like grocery, gas, rent, food (eating out) water. What is you typical budget for a westerner like. If I go back my like as it once was will not be the same. America will shall I say “spoiled” me.
    My email. cldsleyon@yahoo.com

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