Posted by: sean | April 11, 2009

My Vacation Index

Well, I have officially been in Liberia for over a year. I have tried to describe small aspects of life here that you may find interesting, but it’s often hard to get across the true depth of the experience here. Some people have asked me how I come up with the posts for this blog, how long they take, do I plan them out, etc. Well, the answer is that before each post I compile a list of interesting, seemingly unrelated statistics and weave that story – the story of numbers – into a narrative. For avid readers, this explains the up-to-know mysterious primacy I grant numerology throughout the posts.

I took a trip back to the U.S. from March 19 – April 5. (See? 19? 5? Plain as day now, right?!) Since most of you are familiar with the United States, I’m not going to bother with narrative for this story. Instead, as a thank you to everyone who has read this over the past year, I will give you a chance to peer behind the process and see the raw structure for the narrative post I would have written.

Notes for Sizzling Awesome Next Post for Bloggypoo!

Number of Chipotles visited: 8

Number of those Chipotles that were in the same city: 2

Number of other burrito establishments visited: 3

Number of burritos eaten in 2007: 4-5

Number of concerts attended: 2

Number of those concerts that were in a synagogue: 1

Number of movies seen in a theater: 4

Vacation ping-pong record versus brothers: 6-1

Vacation ping-pong record versus father: 4-5

Likelihood that father has established a sustainable ping-pong trend versus son: 0

Success rate of convincing friends to call in to work sick and join in on a multi-state roadtrip: 1/1

Miles driven along the East Coast: 2,397

Number of bars visited that required passing through a metal detector: 1

Number of friends who were kindly asked by bartenders to take their bar stools with them when they left on account of their extreme flatulence: 1

Number of times the captain put on the fasten seat belt sign: 8

Number of times stewardesses had to remind me to put my seatbelt on, seatback up, or tray in the right position: 0

Ratio of Chipotles visited to fasten seat belt signs put on: 1:1

Number of ways in which a black bean burrito with sour cream and guacamole is like imminent death in a plane crash: 0

Number of movies shown on planes: 4

Number of those movies that featured a five minute plane crash sequence: 1

Number of those movies that featured a black bean burrito with sour cream and guacamole: 0

Number of beds in my Liberian house upon my departure: 3

Number of beds in my Liberian house when I returned: 5

Number of burritos in Liberia: 0



  1. It’s true. I witnessed Sean battling his burrito demons when I tried to take him to a burger joint on the other side of an Anna’s Taqueria.

  2. Far be it for Dad to disagree with a certain someone’s take on ping-pong trends….but for the sake of accuracy please remind your readers of the ‘true’ destruction you faced after going up 3 games to 0…..just toying with you as always…It’s tough being this modest and this good!

    How did we not witness the burrito frenzy? On second thought…glad we did!

    And finally…how many times does a dancer go around in a circle at a ‘country’ establishment?

  3. While enjoyable, this post is insufficient considering your two month lapse. Sean, you’re just not meeting your potential. Also, when I was in Charleston, I went to Moe’s for lunch 4 out of 5 days.


  5. 5 beds??

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